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Evaporator Manufacturers in Pune, Suppliers and Exporters in Pune, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia

If you're looking for an evaporator manufacturer, you've come to the correct place. We are A Reputable Evaporator Manufacturers, Industrial Evaporator, suppliers, and exporters in India, and as the leading evaporator exporters, we offer our evaporators products in a variety of fields such as Food & Dairy industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Agrochemical industry, and Herbal industry in countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Malaysia.

As a leading evaporator suppliers, we have successfully built a reputation as a firm that provides the best solutions at the lowest possible cost in the field of evaporation and drying technology. We have demonstrated our capabilities in a short period of time by spreading our wings in several industrial areas.

What exactly are evaporators and industrial evaporators?

Evaporators are used to cool or heat air conditioning systems by utilising the temperature difference between the internal and external air. It is often installed on the walls, ceilings, or roofs of buildings to remove heat from the air before it enters. It aids in managing humidity levels and avoiding mould growth during hot summers and chilly winters.

Evaporators are essential heat exchange devices used to concentrate a solution by removing the solvent through vaporization. They operate by exposing a liquid mixture to a heat source, causing the solvent to evaporate and leave behind a concentrated solution or solid product. Evaporators find extensive use in various industries, including food processing, chemical manufacturing, and wastewater treatment, for purposes such as producing concentrated fruit juices, purifying chemicals, and reducing the volume of liquid waste. They come in various designs, such as falling film, rising film, and forced circulation, tailored to specific applications, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions for concentrating liquids or solids.

Product Specification:

Product Evaporator
Application Industrial, Food & Dairy industry, Pharmaceutical Industries
Capacity As per requirement
Usage/Application Evaporation
Material SS, MS, Alloys etc
Automation Grade Automatic
Power Source Electric
Condition New

Application of Evaporators:

Food and Beverage Industry: Concentration of fruit juices, syrups, and sauces. Production of milk and dairy product concentrates. Preparation of coffee and tea extracts.
Chemical Manufacturing: Solvent recovery and recycling. Concentration of various chemical solutions. Crystallization of chemical compounds. Wastewater Treatment: Reducing the volume of liquid waste for efficient disposal. Recovering valuable chemicals or minerals from wastewater. Pharmaceuticals: Producing concentrated drug solutions and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
Desalination: Removing salt and minerals from seawater to produce freshwater in desalination plants.
Environmental Remediation: Removing contaminants from industrial effluents for safe disposal.
Sugar Production: Concentrating sugar solutions in the sugar industry.
Pulp and Paper Industry: Reducing black liquor in the pulping process.

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