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It is used in industrial settings such as oil refineries and natural gas processing facilities to execute separation processes. Distillation is simply the process of restoring a liquid combination to its original condition by heating it to a specific temperature.

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What is a distillation Column?

As a distillation column basically is a set of stacked plates from the distillation columns. The liquid to be processed is injected into the center of the column and passes through a tray known as the feed tray. The feed tray then separates the column into two sections: one at the top (enriching section) and one at the bottom (stripping section).

The feed runs down the column and collects in a reboiler at the bottom. The reboiler is heated to the necessary temperature, producing vapour that is collected and reintroduced into the unit at the bottom of the column. The vapour rises the column, and on its route to the top of the unit, it is cooled by a condenser.

This condensed liquid is stored in a TA storage receptacle called as a reflux drum, and part of it is recycled back to the top of the column. This is referred to as reflux. The distilled end product is known as the condensed liquid taken from the system.

Characteristics/ Properties:

The following are some of the most essential properties of the various distillation processes:

  • Fractionation
  • Rectification
  • Stripping
  • Distillation that is azeotropic
  • Distillation of Steam
  • Distillation by Extraction

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Country of Origin Made in India
Design Type Customised
Material Standard
Color As per client requirement
Usage/Application Industrial
Capacity 5000 L

In order to concentrate the more volatile liquid in the first fractions and the less volatile components in the later fractions, a distillation column is a tube that offers surfaces on which condensations and vaporizations can occur before the gas hits the condenser.

Stainless Steel Distillation Column Details:

Frequency 50 Hz
Material SS
Voltage 230 V
Weight 2300 Kg
Country of Origin Made in India
Material Grade SS 304
Size 1500 mm (dia)
Usage/Application Chemical Industry
Capacity 10000 LPH

1. What variables influence the operation of a distillation column?

The majority of the frequent issues affecting column operation are caused by vapour flow conditions that are either too high or too low. The velocity of vapour flow is proportional to the column diameter. Weeping specifies the lowest required vapour flow, whereas flooding specifies the highest allowable vapour flow, and hence column capacity.

2. What are the most critical parameters in a distillation column?

Many parameters go into the design of a distillation column, including product compositions, flowrates, operating pressure, total number of trays, feed tray placement, reflux ratio, reboiler heat input, condenser heat removal, column diameter, and column height.

3. What is the usual distillation column pressure?

The pressure in both columns' condensers is adjusted to 1 atm. The product parameters are 99.9 mol% n-heptane in the extractive column (C1) distillate and 99.97 mol% isobutanol in the solvent recovery column (C2).